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Dr. Chris Gordon

Dr. Christopher Gordon is an Assistant Professor of Elementary Education at Lenoir-Rhyne University where he specializes in incorporating Problem Based Learning, computational thinking, coding, and technology into an integrated STEM classroom. Chris’ students are conducting field-based activities such as participating in STEM festival, technology professional development, hosting Family STEM Nights and Family Code Nights at local schools. Chris is an advocate for learners constructing knowledge by interacting with complex problems and engaging in productive struggle where learners are actively creating content rather than passively consuming what others have created.  Chris has authored a book chapter, peer reviewed articles, and in professional conference proceedings related to coding and teacher professional development.  Recently, as part of a Department of State Grant, Chris traveled to Pakistan to deliver teacher professional development on Problem Based Learning, Educational Leadership, and using Squeak Etoys coding to address curricular goals for university faculty and secondary classroom teachers.  Chris is currently working on a book chapter and has just published an article based on these experiences.

Chris is the former Interim Director of the Center for Education in STEM (CESTEM) at UNCW. While the Interim Director of CESTEM, Chris developed, delivered, and provided oversight for several large grants including Mathematics Science Partnership grants, multiple teacher professional development opportunities and student STEM competitions. Before joining CESTEM, Chris was a middle school mathematics and science teacher for nine years.